Maximum power: 600 Watts
Frequency range: 47 ~ 63Hz
Input waveform: Sine wave, modified sine wave or square wave
Input maximum current: 10.7A@115V
Withstand voltage: Input to output 1800Vac 3 sec
Input to ground 1800Vac 3 sec
Efficiency: 70% minimum at full-load
Overpower protection: 105%~150%
Over voltage protection: +5V output is between 5.7V to 6.5V
+12V output is between 13.2V to 14.4V
+3.3V output is between 3.7V to 4.1V
Under voltage protection: +5V output is between 3.3V to 3.7V
+12V output is between 8.5V to 9.5V
+3.3V output is between 2.0V to 2.4V
Unit dimension: 6 3/8"(161 mm) L x 5 7/8"(150 mm) W x 3 3/8"(85 mm) H
Unit weight: 6 lbs (2722g)/ unit
MTBF: 100,000 hours under the following conditions full-rated load, 120Vac input, and 25C ambient.
Switches: ATX Logic power rocker switch
Fan size: 1 - 120 mm x 120 mm x 25 mm bottom fan
1 - 80 x 80 x 25 mm rear fan