18" Two Port USB 3.0 Bracket Cable w/ Built-In 20 Pin Header
5Ft. USB( M ) to Parallel Converter ( M )
5 ft. USB (M ) to Parallel Converter ( F )
5 ft. USB ( M )to Serial Converter ( M )
6Ft. 3-Pin 18 AWG Heavy-Duty Power Cord (M to F)
12in 6-pin PCI-Express Extension Cable
EPS 12V 8-pin power extension cable
8" Dual 4P to 6P PCI Express Extension Power Cable
8" Dual 15P SATA Power to 6P PCI Express Power Cable
PCI Express 16x Riser Card Extension Cable
8" ATX 12V 4P(M) to 4P(F) P4 Extension Cable
6.5" 24P(M) to 20P(F) Motherboard Cable
6.5" 24P(F) to 20P(M) Motherboard Cable
9.5" ATX 8P(M) to 4P(F) Power Extension Cable
12" 3P(M) to 3P(F) Fan Power Splitter Cable
8" Molex 4P (M) to 4P (F) Pentium 4 Extension Cable
3.3 Ft. eSATA to eSATA Cable
eSATA Bracket cable (Internal SATA to eSATA) 
20" 32pin SAS to 32pin SAS cable 
15 5/8" SATA cable (SATA data & power combo)
8" 15 Pin SATA Power Connector to dual molex 4-pin splitter cable
18" SATA II Cable w/ Metal Latch
3Ft. SATA(M) to SATA(M) w/ Claip Data Cable
8" Molex 4P(M) to Two 15P SATA Power Cable
3Ft. USB / USB-A(M) to Mini USB (M)
USB 3.0 A/M to USB 3.0 A/M
16 ft. USB Active Extension Cable