Kingwin K-1865 makes the assembly of your system a simple process.  The tool-less design makes it easier to build your personal workstation.  K-1865 has space for two front 80mm fans and one rear 80mm or 90mm fan to provide ample air flow for your system.  An all around case for your everyday use, this is it.



With solid construction and high quality design, the Kingwin K-1868 gives your system an edgy look.  K-1868 is a tool-less, easy assembly, perfect case for everyday or power users.  It consists of a total of 11 drive bays which gives you enough space for your storage requirements.  A definite must have case for all-around users.



Innovative style, K-2801 provides a killer look with exceptional value for gamers.  K-2801 includes 4 x 5.25” bays, 6 x 3.5” internal bays, 1 x 3.5” external bays, space for an 80 x 80 mm or 90 x 90 mm rear fan, and space for dual 80 x 80mm front fans to keep your case running cool.  Load up your system and get in the game.