MK Series


The MKX-850W modular power supply delivers top notch power for your gaming experience. With enhance modular designs, your case will look cleaner than ever.  The Kingwin MKX-850W gives the power you need to have incredible gaming experience.


Superior power, superior efficiency, the Kingwin MK-1000W is highest level in the MK Series. The MK-1000W offers extreme performance to accommodate all your gaming needs, solild, reliable, this unit will handle any situation you throw at it.


The professional grade high-performance power supply is here, MK-850W offers gamers with stable and efficient power.   It brings out the best in your gaming experience, with functions like active PFC, intelligent auto fan speed control; you will be gaming with total confidence.


The new MK-750W is the quality solution for today’s gaming systems, not only it possess a killer look with all black housing & black fan, it also provides enough power for your systems. MK-750W will give you a rock solid performance to optimize your gaming experience.


In the world of power supplies you need something that can give you enough juice and yet not hurt your wallet. The Kingwin MK-650W does just that, with stable +12V current and exceptional efficiency, the MK-650W will give you enough power for most demanding situations.